The Change Connection Blog: Getting Unstuck or Lessons from a Clogged Kitchen Sink

So, the kitchen sink backed up — seemingly spontaneously. What a pain, was my first thought. I then proceeded to look on-line and employ a number of self-directed techniques to get it to unstuck. After a few vain attempts, I finally managed to get the thing to drain, by application of the on-line suggestions and pure brute force in the form of using a plunger off and on over a period of hours. The sink finally drained completely. I didn’t see any water waiting close below the drain ready to reappear (that had been a problem throughout the day). It took me hours of work and literally hurting my upper arm muscles, through energetic plunging. At last! Feeling very confident in the manner in which I had dealt with that nasty problem myself; I proceeded to go and put in a load of wash (the laundry located on the other side of the wall from the kitchen).

I returned to the kitchen — ARE YOU KIDDING? Both sides of the sink were filled up again with gross looking water. I had to admit I was powerless over this, and called in the good folks at Syd’s Plumbing for help. Way down deep in the pipes (42 feet to be exact according to Tim the plumber who applied his augur tool with success) was something that just jammed everything else up.

Reflecting on this, and glad that my plumbing is functional again; I thought about how we humans have all sorts of nasty, unhelpful stuff that backs up inside our hearts, minds and spirits. Then it jams up our progress toward happiness, healing and peace. And, many of us, as I did with the sink; try all sorts of things all on our own to make things work. Rather than admitting we need outside help, we convince ourselves that we have it under control. Then we are surprised (and disappointed) when it appears again, often without warning — interrupting the flow of our lives in negative ways. It can become exhausting, my friends. And without the right help, the problem can potentially become more “sticky”.

How much better to be able to surrender to the need to get help from the outside. Seeking help from a counselor who has the right tools to help you get at the unhelpful “stuff” you have been carrying around in your heart, can make all the difference. It takes courage, and a little bit of humility to do it… but, the process of getting unstuck, and getting your life moving again, is something you can’t put a price on. Counseling can be an invaluable process; and it is also hard work. Seek a counseling referral from someone you trust, if those negative things keep coming back and getting you stuck in various ways. Through work with an experienced counseling professional, you can begin to feel things flowing free and clearer throughout your life.



  1. Yep, I get it! Thanks for the allegorical tale, advice and wisdom.
    P.S. May your pipes and your “pipes” never clog again. <3

  2. Great story Becki!! Yes, we need to ask for help when we need it.

  3. Asking for help is not weakness it is strength….

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