The Change Connection Blog: Here’s to you! You know who you are. . .

….And if you don’t know who you are, then you need to find yourself in this post. And, after you find yourself, give yourself credit and “props” and love!
Sometimes I am so humbled when I consider the amazing perseverance of so many people. I took some time to think about all the various examples I see, just in my own life. Now I want to celebrate all of you!

To the person who deals every day with insecurity and anxiety, or maybe depression — and gets up and does what needs to be done depsite the pull to stay in bed and pull the room in a hole after yourself.
To the person who has a health concern, and maybe pain, chronic or otherwise —- and still does not give in to it or let it wipe out enjoyment of life.
To the person whose job puts them on the line somehow each day, whether due to danger to themselves, overt dis-respect, frustration, compassion fatigue or dealing with the messy aspects of life … and continues to provide service to others.
To the person who loves their children . . . through difficulties, poor choices, sickness, and sometimes anger turned on the parent undeserved . . . you keep loving and praying and believing.
To the person who loves and serves those who are difficult or scary or sad to love, through work or volunteerism . . . they need you and you don’t let them down.
To the person who who has experienced trauma (capital T or lower case t) and loss , sometimes repeatedly . . . but chooses daily try to count your blessings and keep going forward.
To the person who is challenged by not being happy with the way they look; and tries repeatedly to change that (diet, exercise, etc); and repeatedly never ends up where they set their goal . . . yet once again you get on the bicycle, you go to the gym, take Zumba, look for healthier alternatives.
To the person who loves so much, but perhaps their love is not received fully, or isn’t enough to make everything better . . . but, you continue to love and be there, sometimes at a cost to yourself.
To those who forgive, even forgiving others who do not think they need forgiveness . . . you are helping to heal yourself and you are putting GRACE out into a world that is in short supply.
To those who take a stand for what you believe is right, for justice and for good . . . even when your stand may cost you in some way that others may never know.

Here’s to each of you. And, if you recognize another person or persons in this list — I challenge you to let them know that you see and acknowledge and celebrate what they do! You will be amazed at the impact it may have.




  1. And here’s to YOU, Ms. Becky! You personify passion, patience, and perseverance. I’m honored to be your friend. Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Thank you Jory! And, back at you

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